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 Top-notch Entertainment 

Want a special themed act? A marvelous way to welcome your guests?

An extravagant way to kick off your event? A closing act to make your show unforgettable?

Our options are endless.

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Showcase Entertainment provides your events and shows with a brilliant, entertaining act created by Tommy Gryson and his team.


Want a spectacular dance act with professional dancers? A top-notch

choreography for an artist's performance? Or just an over-the-top glitter figure to entertain your guests? At Showcase anything is possible.


With more than 15 years of experience in entertaining acts,

Showcase Entertainment is the place to be!

Get in touch for a personalized offer!


and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

 Our Cabaret Show 

Tommy has created five different 'cabaret' acts with an overload of sparkles, feathers and sexy (but classy) choreography to entertain crowds all over the country. Think 'Moulin Rouge', 'French CanCan' and 'Cabaret' atmospheres at your event.


Six dancers, and even extra entertainers or singers, blow guests off their seats every single time. An act that always works.

 Choreography Acts 

Perfect for next level events, personalized acts, performances with artists and musicals. It doesn't get more personal than this. Tommy and his team listen to your needs to then create a unique performance for your project.

As Tommy is an international dancer and choreographer, this part of the business is what sets us apart and differentiates us from our colleagues.

 Freestyle Acts 

Perfect for clubs, events and themed parties. The dancers move in the vibe of your event in a spectacular costume to really set the mood of your event. The dancers don't have a set choreography, but entertain your guests to your needs.

This is your ultimate party starter.


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