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(keep an eye on our Instagram to see the announcement)

€25 / masterclass

(no class card)

€17,5 / workshop



(€150 for 10 workshops)


At each workshop, we try to make time at the end of the class to record some videos. We will forward these as soon as possible to the e-mail address you registered with!


Beginners: You are in a dance class for the first time, have not started dancing for long or would like to try a new dance style. 

Open level: All levels are welcome. 

Intermediate: You have had dance experience in the dance style for a while but like to take your time in class. 

Intermediate/advanced: Class is taught at an advanced level but intermediates are also welcome to try!

Advanced/pro: You have a lot of experience or are already a pro in the field. You would like to get extra challenge during a workshop. (14+ years only)

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